Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev on Osho – The Two Diamonds to Discover your Inner Self!

Update (26th September 2017)

I wrote the original content of this post many months before.. Since then, I happened to notice many things which gave me a confirmation that Sadhguru has read Osho’s books extensively. His word choice, anecdotes, views and many others are directly from the talks of Osho.

To explain with evidence, I am pasting a part of the answer that I wrote in Quora:

Osho is totally independent in his choice of words. For example, once he said that there are only two paths to liberation, Samadhi and Prajna. This is Osho’s own choice of words while expressing the distinction between Shamatha and Vipasana of Buddhism. In English, it means ‘concentration’ and ‘insight’.

It is true; As far as I have seen, practices in Vedanta, Buddhism and many other spiritual traditions are either of developing concentration or of developing insight (inquiry or awareness of moment to moment experiences including breath, sensations, thoughts etc). But Osho’s choice of words here is unique to Osho. But since Sadhguru’s source of information mainly comes from Osho’s books, you can see him repeating the same words in one of his lectures. You can read it here: Path of Samadhi and Pragna – Talks by Sadhguru and Osho (the whole Samyama program is based on these two practices and some mantra chanting; the practices are indeed powerful)

Sadhguru has never read Bhadwad Gita directly as he himself says. But he has certainly read Osho’s commentary on Gita. It is a very long one, but he has at least read a few parts of it. How do I say so? Because, Gita has been interpreted in various ways. Shankara interprets in one way; Ramanuja in another way and Madhva does it in a different way. But Sadhguru’s interpretation of certain parts of Gita is exactly the same as how Osho interprets it.

If you call Sadhguru a philosopher, he would not like it. Why? Is Philosophy a bad word? No.. The word just means ‘love of wisdom’.. Do you think a love for wisdom is bad?

Sadhguru doesn’t like the word philosophy because Osho didn’t like it. But Osho uses the word philosophy to mean how people intellectually try to understand the non-dual reality and try to make concepts out of it without realizing it in actual experience.

Philosophy actually has a wider scope in meaning. For example, epistemology, a field that studies how knowledge is acquired is a subset of Philosophy, All of our Indian schools of thoughts have epistemology. Sadhguru keeps saying that you should know the truth by direct experience and not by believing someone else words. This is epistemology, which is also philosophy(it is called as pratyaksha paramana). So, whether you use the word philosophy in its literal meaning or with the wider meaning, there is no reason to say ‘i don’t have a philosophy, dont call me a philosopher’’ unless he has read Osho’s talks and influenced by them.

Sadhguru’s comments on Freud are exactly the same as Osho’s. Many of his comments about Psychology and science in general are from Osho. Sadhguru once said ‘psychologists only studied sick people, they never studied meditators’ , which is also a comment made by Osho. But it is wrong. Psychologists have studied a lot of meditators. William James, one of the earliest psychologists have studied meditators extensively and wrote a book about religious experiences. Also, recently in the last 20 years, thousands of psychologists are studying meditators and have written books about enlightenment. Dalai Lama is working with American psychologists to help them with their research. The problem is, Sadhguru probably never updated the information he got from Osho’s comments on Psychology. He is not aware that Psychology as it exists today is a lot different and advanced than how Psychology was during the time of Osho.

Sadhguru once talked about a rosebud experiment conducted in De la warr laboratory. You will find articles about the lab and its experiments, but you will not find the rosebud experiment in any of them. But you can find it in Osho’s talks.

Sadhguru talks a lot about emptiness, Shiva and his 112 techniques. Yogic culture doesn’t use any word that literally means ‘emptiness.. This concept of emptiness comes from Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, a text that was made popular by Osho. It was in this text 112 techniques are described and emptiness is mentioned. Osho talks about Shiva a lot in his commentary. Sadhguru, when talks about Shiva being both good and evil, both light and dark etc, adopts the same style and views expressed by Osho. (Don’t tell me that mystics talk the same way. Ramana didn’t describe Shiva like this, Ramakrishna didn’t describe Shiva like this). It is in this commentary, Osho says that Shiva didn’t have any philosophy, he only had methods… Sadhguru took that view to describe himself ‘I don’t have any philosophy, I only give methods’…

I have described the exact similarities in their quotes as well, in this answer: Shanmugam P’s answer to What are some of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev’s best teachings/quotes?

Sadhguru often says ‘don’t believe me, don’t disbelieve me’.. This is often quoted by many people who love Sadhguru. After all, it is unique and great, right? Neither Ramana nor Ramakrishna nor Shankara said it this way. But Osho did:

I have not told you to believe it; I have not told you to disbelieve it. It is my experience, I am sharing it with you. You don’t have to believe it, you don’t have to disbelieve it. You have to inquire into it. You have to go to the same depths, to the same heights from where I am speaking, to the same center of your being. Then you will understand it, not believe it. You will know it. Existence needs you, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.”-

Osho, I Celebrate Myself: God Is No Where, Life Is Now Here – Chapter 4

Sadhguru even gave a lecture with a title ‘Sexuality and divine’ (available in dvd) similar to Osho’s controversial discourse series ‘From Sex to Superconciousness’.. Sadhguru’s unique way of interpreting Krishna’s life and his motivation to give a series on Krishna also came from Osho’s famous series ‘Krishna and his philosophy’. Look at the examples of mystics that Sadhguru quotes: J.Krishnamurti, Mansoor , Gurdjieff and Rumi. All of those people who were commented extensively by Osho. Do you think Sadhguru came to know about Gurdjieff through mystical vision?


Let me elaborate on another hilarious example. This one is my favorite:

There is an Upanishad called Chandogya upanishad, one of the oldest upanishad which is famous for the greatest statement in spirituality: Tat tvam Asi – You are that. It was an instruction given to Svethakethu by his father. Svethakethu is also mentioned in Brihadaranyaka upanishad and Kausitaki upanishad.

Hi father asked Svethakethu the following question when he comes back from Gurukula after learning Vedas:

“have you, my dear, ever asked for that instruction by which one hears what cannot be heard, by which one perceives what cannot be perceived, by which one knows what cannot be known?

Then he begins to give him a long discourse which you can read here: Oldest Teaching Of Advaita – Excerpt from Chandogya Upanishad

There is also a different guy called Sathyakama mentioned in the same Upanishad. His name is not mentioned in any other Upanishads. He is sent by his Guru Gauthama to tend four hundred cows, and come back when they multiply into a thousand.

As you see, these are two different stories of two different people.

But Osho, when talking about Svethakethu, mixed these two stories as one and told as the story of Svethakethu:

Osho often mixed names like this. But he has said many times that he may not be factually correct. He just quotes those stories to make his point. I never found that as a problem. Because I only focused on the essence anyway.

But Sadhguru, when narrating the story of Svethakethu in a podcast, narrated it exactly the same way as Osho and also made the same mistake. He also merged Sathyakama and Svethakethu’s stories into one. Do you think this is a coincidence?

He also named the podcast as ‘Svethakethu and cows’ while it was Sathyakama who actually went to tend the cows. You can listen to it here: Svetaketu and the Cows

Sadhguru said that he never read any spiritual books and all he knew about spirituality came to him as a mystical transmission when his guru touched him with his walking stick. If it was true, he should have got the right story from Chandogya Upanishad. Instead, how did he get the Osho’s version?

I know there are people who think in a different (and weird) way… They may say ‘Thats probably because both Sadhguru and Osho had a mystical vision to know that the version in Chandogya upanishad is wrong!’… Please don’t say that. Commentaries on Chandogya upanishad were written by many mystics including Adhi Shankara, who was praised by both Osho and Sadhguru.


Here are a few more examples..

  1. Here is an anecdote given by Sadhguru:

“When you sit in front of a living Guru, you have many problems, judgments, likes and dislikes, because invariably you end up looking at his personality. People have left their Gurus for all kinds of frivolous things. This happened with J. Krishnamurti, a realized being and very wonderful man. There was a certain lady who was very close to him and deeply involved with his work. She was always around him and traveled to many places with him. Once when he was in Amsterdam, Holland, he went into a shop to buy a tie for himself. He was so meticulous about choosing a tie, because he was very conscious about everything and also what he wore. He could throw the tie away if he wanted to, but when he wears it, he wants it to be in a certain way. So he went into the shop and spent nearly four hours picking out one tie. He pulled out every tie in the shop, looked at it, put it on, and then said, “No.” It took him four hours to select just one tie. This woman watched and watched and watched, and as minutes passed, in her mind his enlightenment receded. She thought a man who could be so concerned about what kind of tie he wears couldn’t be enlightened, and she left him. Many such stupid things are done because of your judgments.”


How did Sadhguru came to know about this incidence? There is absolutely only one way he could have known this. You cannot find this information anywhere except in Osho’s talks. Osho knew this because the lady herself told Osho about this incident. You can find this anecdote from the book ‘The Book of Wisdom’ by Osho.

Here is a link to that excerpt:

2. Sadhguru once told a story that supposedly happened when Aristotle met Heraclitus. Heraclitus was trying to empty the ocean with a spoon. You can read the whole story here:

But Aristotle lived between 384–322 BC and Heraclitus lived between c. 535 – c. 475 BC. There is no way that this meeting took place.. Obviously, it seems there is some mistake…

How did Sadhguru know about this anecdote?

Obviously, you cannot find the story of Aristotle meeting Heraclitus, except in a book of Osho. The story is from the book ‘Hidden Harmony’ – Chapter 5, by Osho.

Here is the link:

So, did Osho make up this story? No… The story actually happened in St. Augustine’s life. Osho simply mismatched the names because memory doesn’t work perfectly all the time. Sadhguru has simply narrated this story that he read from Osho’s book, without realizing that Osho used wrong names by mistake.

3. In the same link, you can find Sadhguru criticizing the statement “I think, therefore I am” made by Rene Descartes.

But as far as I know, the first person who ever criticized this statement in the context of spiritual enlightenment was Osho. And, Osho actually made a mistake in interpreting Rene’s statement.

Just by reading that statement, anyone can misinterpret that as “Thought is the basis of existence, you cannot exist if you don’t have thoughts’….

But that is not what Rene Descartes intended to say. He said that you can doubt any belief or concept but you cannot deny your own existence. The doubt implies that there is a doubter. A doubter has to exist to doubt. If you don’t exist, you cannot doubt, and you cannot think. So, if you think, that actually means you exist. That is what he meant by saying ‘I think, therefore I am’.

Here is more clear interpretation of the statement that I found in a forum:

“I think, therefore I am” is a crude mistranslation of Descartes’s proposition. It misrepresents the essence of Descartes’s philosophy because most philosophers now regard the process of thinking as a kind of invisible mechanical action (i.e. stimulus-response).

Historians, philosophers and many scientists have repeated this mistranslated phrase for more than three hundred years. But Descartes’s meant something entirely different, as can be seen when “cogito ergo sum” is read in context.

The Latin word, cogito can mean “I think”, “I know” or “I am aware”; ergo always means “therefore” in any context. However, sum can mean “I am” or “I exist”. To suggest that, “I know, therefore I am” would be wrong as it’s possible to accept wrong knowledge as correct.

If you read Descartes’s Philosophical Writings in context, it becomes obvious that he was concerned with awareness rather than with thinking or knowing and with existence rather than being.

Properly translated, Descartes’s phrase should therefore read: “I am aware, therefore I exist” – a subjective rather than a mechanistic generalization. No machine can be self- or globally aware, no matter how many sensors are attached to it.

In fact, the philosopher Spinoza translated cogito ergo sum as “I am conscious, therefore I exist”. Even that’s wrong, although it’s closer to the truth than the usual lazy mistranslation which has unfairly earned Descartes’s the reputation of being a crude reductionist.

It’s true that he stated the obvious: that physiological functions are pseudo-mechanical. But he also insisted that man was much more than a machine because of his subjective awareness of the self and of the universe.”

How will a teacher find out if a student has copied another student? If both made the exact same mistake, then one person must have copied another.

Sadhguru simply used Osho’s example without realizing that Osho himself has interpreted it in the wrong way.

4. Sadhguru once said that seventy percent illness are created by the mind..

Is it a fact? How did he come up with 70%.. Why not 72%? Why not 80%…

Because, Osho also said the exact same thing:

5. Read the following excerpt from Sadhguru:

“So, this is…this whole idea of right and wrong, good and bad is all human nonsense. Existence is not human centric. They have always told you… many religions of the world have been going about telling people “You are made in God’s own image” and once you are in God’s own image naturally the place that you live They believed this for a long time, isn’t it? Even now they are insisting. You’ve heard of this guy Copernicus? Copernicus was one of the first guys who came and said, “Earth is not the center of the universe; not only not the center of the universe, it is not even the center of the solar system.” And he promptly died. That’s not bad thing; it’s a good thing because the next man after him, when he uttered the same thing the local church decided to skin him alive. They wanted to peal his skin off and the skin would not cooperate. So, they decided to burn him alive. The next significant man who has uttered the same thing was Galileo; he said the same thing. Then they got ready with the skin peelers. Then he said, “No, no, no, no; earth is the center of the universe and the cosmos. What is my problem? (Laughter) As you say earth is not only the center of the solar system and not only the center of the universe; it is the very center of the cosmos. Anyway I do not know what is the center of the cosmos, you want to assume. I want to save my skin. That much I know.” (Laughs)

So, today science has proved to you that definitely earth is not the center of the solar system, in the universe you are just a miniscule. Tomorrow morning if you and your planet disappears, if it evaporates nobody is going to miss it. Hmm? The whole solar system evaporates tomorrow morning it will be just a small vacant place that nobody is going to miss in the existence, nothing is going to happen. Yes? God won’t come rescuing you. It’ll just pooff it will go. This is a good thing. This whole idea that I am made in the image of God has left man so crude and he has been walking upon this planet so wantonly without any concern for any other life on this planet, simply because he believes he is in the image of God. If you knew that your life is as significant or as insignificant as that of an ant – it is actually.”

– From

Now read this excerpt from Osho and you will find that the above excerpt is the exact rephrase of what Osho said. It sounds almost like Sadhguru had just read this before coming to the discourse:

“Human beings have thought of God in human terms. It is natural. We have said that God created man in His own image. If horses could think they would deny this: they would say that God created horses in His own image. Because man has created the philosophy, he has made himself the center.

Even God must be in our image. He must have created us in His own image. Man’s ego has asserted these things. This is not knowledge, this is not knowing – this is simply an anthropocentric feeling.

Man feels himself to be the center. We have thought that the earth is the center of the universe and man is the center of creation. These conceptions are false imaginations, dreams of the human ego. God has not created anybody in His own image because the whole is His image. The trees, the earth, the stars; the animals, men, women – everything that exists is His image, not just man.

Then too, we have divided the world into good and evil. The world is not so divided: good and evil are our evaluations. If man did not exist on the earth there would be neither good nor bad. Things would exist, things would be there, but there would be no evaluation. The evaluation is man’s: it is our imposition, it is our projection.”

– From ‘The Eternal Quest’ by Osho

6. Both men surprisingly had the same views about nations:

“Someday, we must overcome the idea of a nation. Such a silly idea – someone draws a line and that becomes so immensely important. These boundaries have become meaningful only because there is such inequity in the world. If there was no inequity, if for example, Mexico and the United States both had the same level of economic prosperity and wellbeing, would one side be guarding the borders with guns, barbed wires and all that, and would the other side be digging tunnels to get here? No. Whoever wants to go in either direction could do so – no one would care. But in our lifetime, we may not see the abolishment of national borders. Europe has done reasonably well, but it looks like they are beginning to step back from the European Union because those who have, do not want to share with those who do not have.”

By Sadhguru – From

Osho said the same thing:

“NATIONS HAVE BECOME out of date – but they go on existing and they are the greatest problem. Looking at the world with a bird’s eye view, a strange feeling arises that we have everything – just we need one humanity.

For example, in Ethiopia people were dying – one thousand people per day – and in Europe they were drowning billions of dollars worth of food in the ocean.

Anybody looking from the outside will think humanity is insane. Thousands of people are dying and mountains of butter and other foodstuff is being drowned in the ocean. But Ethiopia is not the concern of the Western world. Their concern is to save their economies and their status quo. And to protect their economic structures, they are willing to destroy food which could have saved the lives of thousands of people.

Problems are worldwide – solutions have also to be worldwide.

And my understanding is absolutely clear, that there are things somewhere where they are not needed, and somewhere else the very life depends on them. A world government means looking at the whole situation of this globe and shifting things where they are needed.

It is one humanity. And once we think of one world, then there is only one economy.”

  • From ‘Hari Om Tat Sat’ by Osho

7. Here are a couple of comparisons as well:

Sarada giving the knife to vivekananda:

Alexander and immortality:



8. Have you heard about a story told by Sadhguru about Ramakrishna’s obsession over food to keep his body alive? Try as much as you can to find out the source of the story and you can only find this story in Osho’s talks. I have read in many places Ramakrishna liked certain fruits and sweets. But the conversation between Sarada and Ramakrishna regarding the obsession over food and Ramakrishna saying that it is necessary to keep his body alive seems to be just an imaginary incident created by Osho. Even if it was true, it is highly unlikely that both Osho and Sadhguru somehow independently got access to this information which is not found in any other sources.

I have all three volumes of ‘Gospel of Ramakrishna’ which is the most honest account of Ramakrishna’s life incidents. When you read the book, you will feel like watching a movie. Everything that happened was exactly recorded by the author and there is not even a single place where it is mentioned that he had an obsession over food and he was often checking the kitchen to find out what is cooking. But Ramakrishna always used to ask for a glass of water which was necessary for him to come out of Samadhi.


  1. Sadhguru has read or listened to Osho’s talks
  2. He made the same factual errors that Osho made when quoting Osho’s words.
  3. But he claims that he knew all this when his guru touched him with his walking stick.

Osho is that magic walking stick which touched Sadhguru!

Also read: Shanmugam P’s answer to What is your review of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev (Indian yogi)?

But he never mentions Osho. I have been a fan of Sadhguru ever since I saw him in 2004. But I can’t appreciate the fact that he has been repeating everything that was said by Osho, but never credits him. And, I feel that it is an injustice to my first spiritual master, Osho.

I think it is really important for people to know this truth. So, I am updating this post now with these details. You can find the original content that I wrote for this post, below the picture:


sadhguru and osho

Update: 14th Oct 2017

Many people may object to this by saying that enlightened people talk the same way and talk in the same language. So, let me answer to that objection here:

There is a difference between some similarities and exact imitations.. Many people who have read a lot of both Osho’s and Sadhguru’s work can see that Sadhguru has indeed read Osho.

Yes, enlightened people speak the same language, but not in the exact same way.. You and I may speak the same language, but if I do a mimicry of your way of talking, that is different.

All human beings look alike because they have two eyes, a nose that looks different from a dog’s nose, a neck that is much shorter than a giraffe’s neck, have no tail and have a much sharper intelligence than a crow.. The same way, all enlightened people say the same thing to a certain extent because they have tasted the same non-dual reality and they are looking at the world and people in the perspective of non-dual reality as well.

But, identical twins have extraordinary resemblance with each other. This is not the same level of similarity that you see in all human beings in general.. The same way, Osho’s talks and Sadhguru’s talks (most importantly the oldest talks of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev) have the kind of similarity that identical twins have.

The original content that I wrote few months before:

When I first saw Sadhguru at the marina beach satsang (I think it was in 2003), I was in a great joy  to have seen a living enlightened master. I wanted to know more about him and Isha and I eventually fell in love with the whole thing. Everybody has seen many similarities between the two great gurus, especially in the clarity of speech and the way of putting things that are beyond the physical realm in beautiful words.

Osho always insisted on being with a living enlightened master, but he left his body in 1990.  Even though he said he would still exist outside the physical realm, understanding or feeling the presence of a master who is no longer in his body is not really possible for everyone.  Sadhguru not only fulfilled my desire to be in the presence of a living enlightened master but has also consecrated Dhyanalinga with all the seven chakras which graces the meditators with the same power that is radiated in the presence of a living enlightened master.  Sadhguru says that to be near Dhyanalinga and to be near an enlightened master is the same thing. To know more about Dhyanalinga, visit

I was always wondering if Sadhguru ever talked about Osho and finally came to know he has, in response to the question raised by a seeker, the same question that I had in my mind. Here is what he said:

“When a person is influenced by somebody and is in deep appreciation of someone he can see the same qualities in other people who he appreciates in a similar way. Many people come up to me and tell me I speak like Vivekananda, some say I speak like Krishnamurti, others think I speak like Rajneesh. I neither speak nor dress nor live like Rajneesh or anyone else. It’s the people’s love that makes them see things that way and that is fine. Its not that I have not spoken about Rajneesh-I have. It’s just that his approach was different than what we have taken so it is not necessary for me to speak about Rajneesh. I don’t speak of JK also because his approach is very different as well.

With all due respect to Rajneesh and all the phenomenal work he has done in his own way, some of the things they did was in reaction to the social situation in the world then. The society was at a certain stage at that time and he wanted to provoke people to change in a certain way. It is not my way because I don’t think it would produce the kind of result I want. You know my mission is to plant undercover yogis-there is a need to plant people who are at the peak of inner well being to work in society and change the society from within rather than provoking and creating a reaction.”


Also, for people who are skeptical about Osho due to the controversies around him, I would like to include some excerpts from various talks by Osho that matches what Sadhguru has said on the similar topics. If you have listened to Sadhguru’s discourses, you will immediately recognize it.  In fact, even though there are a few differences in the approach and the vision that both have had, I often feel that Sadhguru is the extension of Osho’s work.

Let us move on to the excerpts:

Osho about memories of previous lives

In this life, what we suffer today is forgotten the next day and what we suffer the next day is forgotten the day after. But the memories of your previous lives will break upon you in their entirety, not in fragments. Will you be able to bear it? You gain the capacity to bear the memories of past lives only. when you are able to bear the worst conditions of life. Whatsoever happens, nothing should make a difference to you. When no memory of this life can be a cause of anxiety to you, only then can you be led into the memories of past lives. Otherwise those memories may become great traumas for you, and the door to such traumas cannot be opened unless you have the capacity and worthiness to face them.

  • Dimensions Beyond the Known   CHAPTER 2

I told you earlier that after awaking from sleep your dream is remembered for about one hour. Similarly, after taking a new birth, for about six months, up to the age of six months, almost everything is remembered. Afterwards it slowly becomes lost. Those who are very imaginative or very sensitive may remember a little longer, but those who have made efforts and who have experimented with being aware during the previous life can remember for a long time.

  • Dimensions Beyond the Known   CHAPTER 3

About miracles


Many things are possible. Nothing is a miracle, nothing. Even materialization is not a miracle: it is a science. Materialization is possible. So are many other things. Something can be brought here by an unknown route. You are not aware of the route, but something suddenly appears here. That is not materialization.

  • The Great Challenge  CHAPTER 9

About Temples

Temples used to function as receptive instruments. Though godliness is everywhere and human beings are also present everywhere, only in some specific circumstances within us do we become attuned to that godliness. So temples served as centers of receptivity to enable us to feel the divine existence, godliness, spiritual elevation. The whole arrangement in temples was motivated with this end in view. Different types of people thought up various arrangements, but that is not of much consequence. It makes no difference if various manufacturers produce radios incorporating their own specialities, with different shapes and forms, as long as the ultimate purpose is the same.

  • Hidden Mysteries Chapter 1

On breathing and about Crucifixion of Jesus

Yoga divides man into two parts: the sun part and the moon part. The sun is symbolic of inner positivity and the moon is symbolic of inner negativity. Sun does not mean the outer sun nor does moon mean the outer moon. These words are used for the inner universe. There is even one breath that is known as the sun breath and another breath that is known as the moon breath. Every forty to sixty minutes, your breath changes from one nostril to the other. If you need more heat in the body, or if you suddenly grow angry, your sun breath starts functioning. Yoga says that if you use your moon breath when you are angry, then you cannot be angry at all, because the moon breath creates a deep coolness inside. The negative is cool, silent, still. The positive is hot, vibrant with energy, active. The sun is the active part in you and the moon is the inactive part in you. When one first becomes acquainted with the sun, the light is burning hot, like a flame. If you analyze the inner life of Buddha or of Jesus with this distinction in mind, many things which are ordinarily hidden will become apparent. For example, whenever an enlightened one like Buddha is born, his early life will be very revolutionary. The moment one enters the inner dimension, the first experience is of a fiery flame. But the older Buddha grows, the more an inner coolness is felt. The more perfect the moon stage becomes, the more the revolutionary fervor is lost. That is why Buddha’s words are not revolutionary. Jesus did not have this opportunity. He was crucified while he was still a revolutionary and he died, as far as Christianity is concerned, at the age of thirty-three. If you compare Buddha’s sayings with those of Jesus there is a clearcut difference. Jesus’ sayings look like those of a young man – hot. Buddha’s early sayings were also like this, but he was not crucified for them; he lived to be eighty. The reason he was not crucified is that India has always known that this happens. Whenever a person moves within, whenever a buddha enters into himself, his first expression is fiery, revolutionary, rebellious. He bursts open and explodes into fire. But then that phase disappears and ultimately there is only the moon: silent, without any fire, with only light. That is why India has never killed anyone; that is why India has never behaved the way the Greeks behaved with Socrates or the Jews with Jesus

  • The Great Challenge  CHAPTER 9

About sound and Sanskrit language

Western languages emphasize the linguistic rather than the phonetic, whereas the vedic view gives more importance not so much to the meaning of the written or spoken word as to the special sound it should produce, and the composition of that sound. Hence the Sanskrit language is phonetic, not linguistic; the emphasis is more on the sound than on the word. And so, for thousands of years it was felt that these valuable scriptures should not be written down, because it was natural that no sooner would it be written down than the emphasis on sound would be lost. The insistence was that the knowledge be passed on by word of mouth, rather than in writing, because in writing words down – they would be mere words, and the subtle sensations associated with the sound would be lost and so become meaningless. If we write down the word Rama, those who are reading it will say the word in many different ways. Someone will put more emphasis on ”r” and someone else, more emphasis on ”a,” and still somebody else will put more emphasis on ”m.” It will depend on the individual reader. So as soon as a word is written down, the effect of sound is destroyed. Now, to understand the effect of the sound of those words, a whole decoding exercise to pronounce the words correctly will have to be done. So for thousands of years there was a strong insistence on not writing down any scripture, because the ancient seers did not want the phonetic arrangement lost. The scripture had to be passed on to others directly by word of mouth, so scriptures were known as shrutis, meaning that which is learnt by listening. What was passed down in the form of written books was never accepted as scripture. It was all scientifically based on the arrangement of sound. At some places the sound had to be soft, and at others it had to be loud. It was very difficult to write these words in script form. The day the scriptures were reduced to writing, the essential, inherent, original, inner arrangement of sound was lost. It was no longer necessary to understand only through listening. You can read a scripture – it is available in the market. Now there is no relationship or relevance to sound. It is important to note that the emphasis of the scriptures was never on the meaning. The emphasis on meaning became relevant later, when we reduced those scriptures to writing. If some thing written down has no meaning it will look insane, so meaning has necessarily to be given to the written word. There are still some parts of vedic lore where no meaning could be deciphered – and these are the real parts, because they are totally phonetic. They do not convey any meaning.

  • Hidden Mysteries Chapter 1

Author: Shanmugam

I am a blogger and I was a spiritual seeker. I had a tremendous awakening experience in July 12, 2014 on a Gurupurnima day in the presence of Sadhguru but I wouldn’t call that as spiritual enlightenment. But it did free me from many things and changed many things.

63 thoughts on “Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev on Osho – The Two Diamonds to Discover your Inner Self!”

  1. Dear Shanmugam,

    After reading your post – “Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev on Osho – The Two Diamonds to Discover your Inner Self!”

    I would like to tell you that, forget ‘Sadguru’ and go with ‘OSHO’.
    I know OSHO from with in myself.

    You worked well to prove that ‘Sadguru’ is copying ‘OSHO’. But don’t take ‘OSHO’ as just another enlightened master…He is much more than that…!

    Below are few words which I would like to share with you…by no means I am not against you… I mean this is a friendly talk…

    I know things can be articulated to any extent as we like…but truth is always elusive unless we are very aware to the very core of our being. But being aware is very arduous thing…it’s is never a done thing. It’s always a process…I think at one time when awareness becomes absolute, it becomes natural…PROBABLY that is Enlightenment… But I hate to talk about ‘Enlightenment’ just because Unenlightened person never know ANYTHING about that. It is which that you can’t think…

    In my opinion…Sadguru has been copying OSHO from the beginning…. To realize that we took time because ‘Sadguru’ is very talented speaker…

    But as you are observing…things at Isha are already on the wrong track …Probably you will soon feel that. I am not saying any thing wrong in Isha doings…Its great social service…BUT social service has noting to do with inner light.

    But, When you are talking about ‘Success’ you are not talking of ‘Spirituality’ . ‘Sadguru’ is after ‘more’ Success.
    Sadguru is a great person…BUT That’s the most dangerous place… ‘to be great’. And I don’t mean, I am against few words here and there about ‘Sadguru’. His approach has taken towards …’Success’ and you might know OSHO saying…’Nothing fails like success…’

    I understand that you has seen some light according to your saying. I only want to say to you that…we all invariably fall from the peak. And You don’t know while that’s happening…

    ‘Sadguru’ with his inspiration talk once again can make us run for the ‘Success’ BUT be aware what you are asking for…Is it really the thing you want?

    Seekers path is to be aware UNTIL the VERY LAST POINT. Like many great spiritual people, every body falls if you are not be aware…What is the LAST POINT? I don’t know… We know it when we arrive there…

    Mean while I want to remind you never judge masters…Because you may miss while you are busy comparing masters…Just observe,feel and do meditation and move ahead…

    If you really found something valuable, Don’t get it lost what you found…!

    Finally ‘Yoga’ is NOT ‘Meditation’.



    1. thank you for your comment..The main reason why I write such critiques is to increase awareness about the pitfalls of following someone blindly. A person may be intelligent, saintly and successful but still may not be completely liberated, as you said.. My stress is on following the inner light and that is what I want to convey to people. I find joy in writing these things and right now I really don’t have a fear of losing anything, because I don’t have anything to lose. My situation is completely different; so it will be difficult for another person to put himself in my shoes.. I have been witnessing that for the past three years.

      I am also increasing awareness to bridge science and spirituality.

      You have made some valid points here.. For some reason your comment was in spam queue and I just noticed it today.


    2. I continue to enjoy Osho videos on youtube. I’m glad I first came to Sadhguru, I learned much from him. But, I think I have hit a wall in that regard. Sadhguru is so friendly and warm sounding. But Osho also is in his own way. And, at first I was a bit put off by the extravagant luxuries he had, but then realized (in my opinion), that it’s part of his teaching. I reasoned that Osho does EVERYTHING consciously, so I asked myself why did he buy such expensive things. I think, it’s a joke basically, to make a mockery of the idea. He probably doesn’t even LIKE those things he had. I”m just curious Shanmugam, have you listened much to Alan Watts on youtube? I’d like to know what you think of him.


  2. Conclusion:
    3:wrong his master touched him with a stick and he got enlighten.enlightment means realisation of your oneness,not having knowledge or information which is someone’s opinion about something which could be right or wrong.i don’t know whether he is enlightened or osho is enlightened only your enlightenment will answer your query.


  3. if you go back and take a close look into many teachers teachings,you will note that they are all based on the same universal knowledge….saying that sadhguru is -stealing oshos words is absolute idiocy.if you are in touch with the divine you will know everyone has access to the exact same truth because you too have access to this truth…when you know this you will recognize it…… Sadhguru speaks truth as many others have..


      1. Hey I wrote the original comment about the universal knowledge, and I admit it was mumbo jumbo. After further research I have concluded similar information as you, some things just don’t add up. Sadhguru was the first teacher I came across on YouTube then Osho. I found sadhgurus teachings to be based on our intuitive knowledge that we all know if we dig deep, and nothing really after that but a big price for inner engineering. I would like to know if you had discovered anything else on Sadhguru? My email


  4. There are certain stories of Buddha that Osho made up himself. Even the most ven Bhikku Jagdish Kasyap asked Osho once “What you say is very true but no where in Buddhist Literature or anywhere I find what you say, from where did you get that?” Osho replied “I made it myself, its not the point if the story is true or not, its the importance of story to point out the truth that is more important hence I made them up myself”. Bhikku Jagadish Kasyapa acknowledged that. But here we see that Jaggi Vasudev too repeats many of the stories Osho made up himself, hence it is very much a resonable argument to say Jaggi Vasudev is a plagiarist and not original in a sense that OSHO is. Your points are worth reading. Cheers.


  5. Those who have felt the Buddha field of osho certainly with no doubt will say that sadhguru in one way or other way have been rephrasing the same ideas and experience shared by the Zorba himself to his disciple in his commune…I been searching for some article about the similarity between the two master then i found yours, thanks freind while i was reading yours article i was giggling inside as i was reading one of those joke of Mullah Nassirudin itself…my doudbt is cleared now…but still this lonely island of mine longing for a living master…


  6. Thank you for your article. I have just begun my spiritual path to truth (I say that because absolute truth is what I’m looking for). I started with Sadhguru, took inner engineering, and may do his completion course to learn some methods. But, listening to Osho for the first time today, I felt very emotional because his words touched me deeply. Sadhguru is great, but it’s all very logical. Then again, maybe I NEEDED Sadhguru first, in order to receive Osho properly. At any rate, I am beginning to notice new things each day. As a stroke of irony, I live in Oklahoma and just read up on Osho and his ties to an Oklahoma prison. What a strange feeling to learn that (Although I disagree with his quote about Ronald Raegan administration having anything to do with it). IF something happened, it was because of some senseless idiot at the prison.

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    1. I am very happy that you came to know about Osho through this post and was deeply touched.. I was expecting people who like Sadhguru to get to know the original man and fall in love with him.. You showed me that my efforts are working.. Try the witnessing meditation by Osho.. Good luck 🙂


    1. The word ‘God’ is usually used in two different meanings.. Osho denied a personal God, an invisible person who created this world, who monitors us, punishes the evil doers and answers prayers.. Such a person doesn’t exist…
      But in Indian scriptures, there is a world called Brahman, which is translated as God in English. But Brahman is not a person or individual, it is the absolute reality or the existence itself.. I didn’t watch the video yet, but the second one should be about the absolute reality itself..

      Also, note that Osho often spoke metaphorically as well and often contradicted himself.. You will understand him better as you listen to him more.. Read my answer here in Quora regarding his contradictions:


      1. Thank you for the link. It was helpful. The way I understand it is, Osho talks to each situation independently, and each situation needs to hear something different for necessary impact. In other words, what he says to someone largely depends on the mind of the person he is talking to, because it is through their mind that they will receive the information. IDK lol.

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  7. Thank you very much Shanmugam.

    Your article is very interesting indeed! I read a lot of Osho in the past, and I found it incredible. However recently I found Sadhguru much more beautiful. Probably for his way of communicating.

    Your article is an eye opener for me, thank you!

    My opinion is that Sadhguru needs to be new ,to do not be associated with someone else by the followers. He’s living in a different world and wants to convey the message differently.

    I remember in one of his speeches he says that “a guru takes you for a ride”. That’s the ride! But is very important to have someone like you remembering us that it is just a ride! So thank you deeply my friend!


  8. Greetings,
    I am enjoying your blog posts. In case you missed, there is an incident where Lama Karmapa talks to Govind Siddharth about Osho:

    This was originally published in The Silent Explosion, one of the very early books of Osho.

    To unravel this mystery of Sadhguru’s knowledge, Lama Karmapa explains thus:

    …..His Holiness then said, “You may be feeling that he is speaking for you, but it is not only for you that he speaks. He (Bhagwan) speaks for Akashic Records (records of events and words recorded on the astral planes) also. Whatever is spoken is not forgotten. That is why you will find that he goes on repeating things. He will go on repeating things, and you will feel that he is speaking for you, but a matter of fact, he speaks only for a few people. Only a few people realize what he (Bhagwan) is. His words will remain in the Akashic records, so that they will also be helpful to people of the future…..

    So it is possible Sadhguru is actually tuning into the Osho’s Akashic channel for his knowledge?

    There are also many other amazing things in this article like the difference between a Realized Soul and Divine Incarnation, vibrations, etc.

    Maybe if you write a post after reading the above article, the perception among Sadhguru’s devotees that you are being very harsh on Sadhguru will be lessened…..


    1. I have read that excerpt before… To explain it, I will have to write a detailed post about Osho and the reason he did and said many things.. I can imagine how difficult his situation was in dealing with people and I know the devices that he used just to make people open up. In the mean time, I suggest you read this:


  9. So are you sure Osho was not speaking of someone else words or book ??
    There words are useful to keep us sitting and busying our monkey minds …real work happens by thier way of being with us. They speak so that they can be among us so that your sitting happens with them …but you seems to still shitting from your mind . I am sure you don’t even understand Osho and practice his meditations.
    An enlighten person has nothing to teach or preach ..he has to either take help from all the ancient books and elaborate in his own way or take help from Osho…Osho has studied all these scriptures now why one would go to read them again and again …why to start from class one always …if you dont understand by the way you feel …you can never understand these beings …they first of all don’t wish to come out among stupid us…but they care about humanity and have heart that love endlessly…power and depth of sadhguru’s being is enough to make people fall for him that they don’t care about what he speaks ..only some monkey minds who receives life through mind … (constipated life as he says ) care about words …may be he speak of Osho and all other such beings if they got to work among us.. for us …they have to speak from him and because he has covered everything …nothing new left to speak ..but the work need to be on . Ryt?
    You probably try planting doubts and making one Superior than other but Osho would be thinking why the fuck you don’t meditate instead wasting time on such stupid things…clearly you don’t life bro …life happens once you shut down ur lappy and net …and get connected to the network of life in real ..
    Sadhguru s being is enough for seekers to burst into ease and love …seekers doesn’t need words …only stupid do .


    1. Yes.. Osho quoted thousands of people, thousands of stories from Buddha and many other mystics.. He indeed say that he has read thousands of books too.

      But Sadhguru claims… wait let me put it in uppercase so that it manages to get inside your head:


      did you understand it? Now read this..

      But Sadhguru’s content is exclusively from the books of Osho, not from books of Vivekananda, not from the talks of Ramana Maharshi, not from the talks of Nisargadatta Maharaj, not from the talks of anyone else..

      Read the above paragraph once again…

      Did you read it? If no, then read it and also read the next paragraph..

      Sadhguru never talks about Osho, he never mentioned Osho in a single talk, not even in a single public discourse…

      I know that truth is the same.. A sunrise is the same no matter who looks it..Enlightenment is the same no matter who experiences it…

      But the expressions are different. The stories, analogies, terminology and everything else are different. The expression is completely unique… That is not what I find in Sadhguru… I find a cheap imitation of Osho..

      The reason why silence is said as the best teaching is just to emphasize the fact that absolute reality is indescribable…Words need to be used to point out the reality.. Once a person sees what a guru is pointing to, once he gets a glimpse of it, he may choose to sit beside a guru and meditate silently… There is nothing magical about it. This is not the same as the crazy euphoria that ones goes through when he sees Sadhguru. A Michael Jackson’s fan will react the same way when he sees Michael Jackson…

      Above all, Sadhguru’s version of enlightenment is not enlightenment at all.. At the periphery he quotes Osho, but at the center it is completely different and nowhere related to enlightenment.. You are trying to argue everything with the premise that Sadhguru is enlightened. But I sense a pretention in him.

      I know this not by reading but experience… Do you know anything about me? How did you assume that I did not meditate? Do you know one damn thing about my life? If you don’t know what you are talking about then just shut up! If you are willing to be open-minded, then we can talk.. But if you are inviting me to quarrel with you, then this is not the place…

      I am aware of the typical behaviors of Sadhguru’s followers and you are one of them.. Here is the list:

      1) They will call anyone who criticizes him or even shows a little bit of skepticism about him as an ‘idiot’.
      2) They will continue to personally attack that person and sometimes even his family.
      3) They will comment on the post without fully reading it..
      and more.

      Don’t bring disgrace to your own guru by showing cultish behaviour… Here is something for you, read this:


  10. Alright …you have done lot work man…I really appreciate it …but if you go cheak oshos comments section you will find same” enlighten people” creating mess and try to be more Osho than Osho…yes?
    I have been listening.. reading both the masters ..and .practicing thier tools ..for always..I am very glad and grateful to univers to be able to access thier teaching ..and to be able to know them by my heart and soul here in this post it looks like you have done a loooott work …also you are very good with language..I like your work …I could not stop saying”itsssss amaaazzingggg” 😉
    Bro but I will still say what I feel is that ..for sure he has not taken help of any scriptures or master to be able to be what he is today …and he doesn’t copy oshos words … he may have read osho …because he is a mile Stone in sprituality .. everyone who is to be on this path of self realisation has to go through it….but for sure he dint become enlighten reading him…. probably when he thaught of taking this responsibility of leading world to joy… laughter from suffering …he got to do some work as osho did in his time …he may have read and gone through some more masters and yogis …one more guru he claimed to practice yoga from to be able to learn to how to deliver these tools …but he did all this after he attained self realisation..they dint help him to become enlighten …yeah …probably gave him insight and learning that what not to do while delivering and teaching people …like he said about osho…he is probably as unsatisfied as osho with society …but the way osho worked provoked people and caused them un- social or make them society critics ….you go to any you tube channel …people fight and creating mess in order to be in favor of thier favorite person …they are ready to do endless argument but …these so called Isha influenced people are not Isha sadhak …they are probably attracted to sadhguru because of his aweeesssooommm way of delivery …and his wonnnddeerrful insight ..and wisdom …but bro you wish to meet real sadhak than visit asharam …you will change your mind …and believe me I don’t follow either osho or sadhguru …I fucking follow my heart and I learned to follow it from these masters only …why not I praises them and stand against anyone who is creating negetive perspective for them …. probably sadhguru speaks of oshos words but his way of work completely different …he teaches yoga and any of his tools is not at all similar to oshos tool ..and as I said he has to speak logically so that he can take us beyond the logic ….why would he take osho name and anybody else name …how would that help him in his work and vision Hun?? His work is not to promote any master … Tell me any other spritual foundation working for well-being of humanity​ and mother Earth …why don’t you talk about rally for rivers .
    And …yeah isha may be a cult ….but isn’t we got to hurry up ..and do whatever it takes to do right things … Isn’t many people get happy and feel motivated by just seeing his two minutes video …what problem do u have ….??
    You go and studies of osho or any other spritual master or any famous celebrity …if you cheak Damm internet to reach to your conclusions you are wrong my brother …I look forward to hear you more …you truly talented and amazing …and pls don’t mind of what I said about you
    ..and.I am and all other sadhaks I know of Isha don’t fall for your category .of 10 points though you were absolutly correct .. yes there are .such people but don’t lable them ishas ..they are everywhere ….everyone fall for that cat. .


    1. Ok.. I think now we are talking.. I think you are probably not able to differentiate between spiritual guidance and good work. Anybody can do good work to the society but not anybody can give spiritual guidance…

      But before we even talk about this, I want to make sure we are in agreement when it comes to terminology. I will give you some links for you to read.. Take your time to read them, there is no hurry:

      I am not someone who comes to quick conclusions.. If you get some idea about my life, you will understand the perspective I am talking from, in a better way. So, read this too:


      1. You can see a huge huge difference between the two Osho and Sadhguru by the videos, just look at them. Sadhguru is just like anyone else, rolling his eyes, waving his hands, looking for answers through thoughts, were as Osho regularly looks down at his hands and it silent in between talking, many many differences. I never watched them to compare I just followed with my heart but then one day recently after watching and reading Osho it just dawned on me how sadhgurus main focus is mainly the body and mind etc where as Osho seems to take you far more in depth, he leaves you stuck for words, Sadhguru is like kindergarten spirituality to me.. And I really can’t believe I’m saying such because I too blindly followed him believing he’s the best man on earth!!


        1. Thank you for your honest comments.. 🙂 I too thought he was the best man on the earth.. I say this whenever I get objections from his followers but they don’t consider it seriously.

          If they are true seekers, they will somehow find their way out. Because, surprisingly the objections I get are the same objections that I myself used to give to people who criticize him in the past. Usually, people develop a lot of emotional associations which make them blind.

          I have sent you an email.. Please check


  11. Well…the story was about swetaketu only…
    Why do you wish to label him lier and not enlighten …you can love him…what happened man…? You. Can’t stop loving him…you are doing his job by spreading words for him…he can be loved or hated ..but can’t be ignored …you are as much as in him as you have been before …you are just head standing …;) You wasted my time man …


    1. Did you read everything in a hurry? Did you read any of the other links I gave you? What I have said is very clear and obvious.. And you are repeating Osho’s words like a parrot (he can be loved or hated ..but can’t be ignored)

      Another popular statement by Sadhguru followers is ‘You have wasted my time’.. You are the third person to say this on my blog, and all three are Sadhguru’s followers.. You don’t realize you are becoming a parrot just like him…

      Since you have said that you have wasted your time, I hope I won’t see your comments anymore, because you need to realize that commenting here is also wasting your time, as per your own words..

      By the way, the link you shared just has an excerpt from the talks of Osho. Obviously, you will find that same version in Sadhguru’s talks.. Thats exactly what I am trying to say from the beginning.The author of that blog has just pasted the content from Osho’s book.

      When you find something in Google, first check the source of the content. Here is the link to actual Chandogya Upanishad:


      1. I can’t understand what’s your problem if Sadhguru does not acknowledge Osho’s references in his discourse/work. It does not make Osho any less and certainly does not make Sadhguru any greater. And, so far I never heard him saying that he hasn’t read any texts or books, I haven’t heard all of his discourses so I may be lacking all the data. I indeed heard him mention several times that he didn’t grow reading books or attain his knowledge reading texts/books. It’s possible that he read all the books and Osho’s works after his enlightment and I don’t see any reason why he or anyone needs to keep acknowledging all the references one uses… copyright is another western influence to prevent others from making money from one’s work. In mu opinion work itself is more significant than the doer it self, and there should be no copyrights for any work. I see you are selling book on amazon, so I guess you certainly are supporter of copyright business. Thanks for sharing your story for free though, I loved reading your spiritual journey and the honesty quite thoroughly.


        1. This is not about a copyright issue.. Why do you people always forget the possibility that someone could be pretending to be enlightened while simply parroting the words of Osho? You should watch the documentary called ‘Kumare’…Then you may understand what I am talking about.. And go through all the comments in this post including some links that I have posted. That may give you the big picture that I am seeing, the perspective that I am talking from..


        2. You said ” work itself is more significant than the doer it self, and there should be no copyrights for any work”…

          Actually, I agree with you.. If Sadhguru does exactly what Osho does in every aspect, then it wouldn’t be a problem.. Osho said “I am not infallible, and I don’t care about factual correctness! I may be factually wrong and most of the time I talk nonsense. I am only interested in making you meditative”..

          Does Sadhguru say that? No!

          Osho’s way of spiritual guidance was completely different. He talked in various ways to help people to get rid of their beliefs. He went on contradicting himself on various things to make sure people don’t stay with a particular belief system. You can understand what I am talking about by reading this answer of mine:

          I can go on and on about Sadhguru and how he is misleading people in the name of spiritual enlightenment. The links I gave to the previous commentator pretty much covers all that. Take your time to read those links..

          For me, Sadhguru quoting Osho is not a problem, but a way to explain people that he is not talking from his own experience..

          I can recognize a pretension in him but others can’t.. I too couldn’t recognize it when I was a seeker. I cannot possibly pass on my own experience to people so I resort to other ways like this to make my point..

          What people are doing is arguing from a premise that ‘Sadhguru is enlightened”.. Whatever I say, they are basing their arguments against mine on that premise… But I am questioning the premise itself. After seeing his lies about Dhyanalinga’s mention in Rig veda, his attempts to make everything as Science but at the same time ridiculing science, his biased notion about India and trying to prove that Indians are better than everyone else (I would be happy if it is true), his totally misleading descriptions of enlightenment, his extra-ordinary claims, his silence about some unanswered questions on his wife’s death and on and on and on.. You name it!…

          Only thing which is stopping people from seeing an obvious truth is confirmation bias..

          I don’t get anything by proving he is not enlightened.. But the domain of spirituality is getting corrupted by him and people are moving backwards.. That is something that I don’t want to happen. No one would want to see people going back in the path of evolution..


      2. Got your point, Sir, no denying that you are probably correct. I have no issue accepting that I have no clue whether Sadhguru is enlightened or not and it doesn’t really matter to me, if I find any useful information from him I’ll take it (irrespective of what source he got it from, Osho or anywhere else) and if I find any info that doesn’t seem useful to me, I’ll simply ignore it.
        The thing about knowledge/information is that just like anything else in this world, everyone (including both Sadhguru and Osho) gains it from the sources that they can (and are able to) tap, these sources can be anything and I don’t see any issue with using any source to learn/attain knowledge. In my opinion, whether someone gives credit to the source or not is not very critical nor it can be considered as criterion for labeling people enlightened or not enlightened. So I couldn’t understand that why it was bothering you so much that Sadhguru is not giving his due credit to Osho, I feel that’s purely his choice and doesn’t bother me a tiny bit. Anywas, I can claim only one fact with 100% certainty: I am not enlightened and I don’t care too much about whether someone is enlightened or not.
        One thing is for sure, Sadhguru seems to be at higher spiritual level than most people I know and especially those who are following him or who consider him their Guru. It’s none of my business to convince or tell these people whether he is genuine/con Guru, it’s best to leave it to them to discover their truth/lies.
        I personally love Sikhism and my Guru told me that I don’t need any human Guru, since Gurugranth sahib is my real Guru and is capable of answering all my questions and not that, he can also help me guide towards attainment of Khalsa (Purity).
        I keep my eyes, ears and mind open to anything interesting and useful that I come across, thats how I got into listening to Sadhguru and found him quite intellectual but you may be 100% right that Osho might be the original source of most of his information, Osho probably attained higher spiritual and intellectual level than Sadhguru, no big deal and I am pretty sure that Osho would not bother to sue Sadhguru for plagiarism 🙂


        1. First of all, please understand.. I am not trying to prove that Osho is greater than Sadhguru and I don’t think plagiarism is the issue here.. Because you seem to trying to make me understand that..

          When a person is liberated/enlightened, he no more sees himself as an individual and he doesn’t really sense ‘others’ to compare himself with.. There is absolutely no feeling for him that there is an ‘other’..

          I already explained much in my previous comment to you. You can reread the comment if you want.

          I am interested in busting myths and misleading information about spiritual enlightenment and raise an awareness to bridge science and spirituality. I am talking much about Sadhguru than any other guru because I know much about him, I know him for 13 years. 🙂

          I would suggest reading the talks of Ramana Maharshi if you haven’t already done that. Even if you have read them before, I suggest you read them again. He was more direct than anyone else when it comes to spirituality. Most of his books are available online for free. If you need some links, let me know. The other person that I would recommend is J.Krishnamurti.


  12. So why don’t you talk about shree shree he also copied wrongly …and sir ( he can be loved or hated ..but can’t be ignored) I don’t know if osho said like this…it is one of my friend says all the time …lol . Don’t read lot of these masters …go to travel man…forget all this …
    Is he enlighten or not …why the fuck do u care ..until he doing great job who cares …if unenlightened people conman like him spreading health and joy around the nation I would rather love him worship him than any other top degree enlighten person …he has planted more than 8 cror trees in Tamil Nadu …that land will be singing the song of his glory …no matter how hard you try to put him down …you only killing your time … yesterday he was in Jaipur for mystic eye …one thing is sure people follow him blindly and want to drink him up ..rather finding thier own source of sprituality​ they look like depending on him ..but as soon as he sat in the hall …there was another level of energy and when he conducted any of his meditations he got many people doesn’t know him very well like you bursted them into crying …I saw women screaming and crying ..he did nothing he clapped hands and make those whistle sound ….I found myself in state I felt like crying too …tear rolled down …why ?? Certainly he learned these tricks from osho …Hun??
    You tell me what happened with you …why have you ended up like this man ?
    I read all your efforts …and I am sure you deeply hurt …the deeply you were into him …the wound even deeper now ….
    All these people who said that you wasted thier time because who give us so much to read …man …I spent 2 and half hours to read and reached​ to point where I was thinking he could use his ability in positive way …your doubt about scientific evidence about water also got replied …let’s just forget all this ..and breath deeper and make new friends . You are good person . Cheers !!


  13. Alright .. sprituality​ is not a small and weak longing in humans that they will go back they will either reach somewhere or change thier way of exploration or master …but it can not stop … recently few guru has been accused for sexual assaults …did that stop people to persue sprituality but made them more alrt and concious …and believe me …I know many people accociation with Isha who has been practicing oshos b.ks… shree shree …kuran …iskon for years and they all are with Isha now and claimed to be found thier home …they were not certainly naive on this path …Osho is ultimate …and I like the way he took care of how his commune don’t form a religion and also seekers should not dependant on him …they all should become thier own light….he took care so many things that Isha doesn’t do . But we should know that thier vision… way of work and tools are different …we can’t judge or compare Isha with what rajneesh has done ..Osho is not only the athaurity or the truth …I am probably not that seeker and experienced as you are ….I know I am naive as far as sprituality is there I am open for correction ..


  14. In the name of sprituality he just give us yoga and breathing practices …I don’t see misleading in his yoga teaching …he ask us to practice good yogi practices …that’s it …where is miss leading in it …I can still be with my religion or with my master ….I don’t have to accept sadhguru as my guru …I simply practice his tools …but then my heart explode for him no matter I stop it and change the direction by reading rajneesh book …but my fingers run on my tab and open Isha channel on YouTube …there must be something my heart experienced …I have been with Osho for year ..I can’t be be doing Injustice with my love for Osho ….but it is not like that …as bruce Lee says that the finger that pointing towards light is not important …the light is what we have to persue or explore ….I love Isha Osho or anybody he is setting me and seekers free …what does it matter …if all they removed still I have found my home within me ….I can ask them to respectfully leave now …and now only I left withing me …with so much of vastness …and depth in me …how does it matter who is copying who..I simply sit and forget me twithout this” I” Ness … simply exist …simply sitting …like someone said permanent holiday …;)


    1. I don’t have any intention of putting him down and I don’t have any reason to feel hurt. I am telling you again, you are interpreting criticism as a personal attack…

      Do you realize that you are more interested in idealizing him and worshiping him than liberation itself? And you are again confusing spirituality and good work..

      What you have is just an extreme attachment to a person, a celebrity crush.. There is nothing spiritual in it. Anyway, if you don’t bother about your own liberation but only bother about thinking how great he is for humanity and proving to others that he is the saviour of the world, then we don’t have anything more to discuss..

      He is not just giving yoga practices and breathing techniques alone. He is talking hours and hours in youtube and he has written books about enlightenment. And the content of those talks and books are misleading; That is what I mean when I say he is misleading. You are not in a position to understand it, so there seems to be no use in explaining to you at this stage.


  15. Well…being enlighten does not happen with 21 minutes of mandala twice everyday …now a days isnt it more like crash course …fast food .do u think .anybody has time for enlightnment..??
    u like the isha practices too …y es?..Osho says something like sprituality is for brave people …seekers who are buying with this thrist …ryt??
    these people got to pay thier loans …they have bank behind them …commitments …..
    Jejus said ..”. come and follow me” ….even hes got 12 people .. ..may be we follow these masters ….ok ..we don’t use our brain and we are ignorant …
    ..but life is better then it was before …and also we don’t mind worshiping him …we join our hands together …he got that available as s science …we like to do this Namskaram more because we enjoying to join hands …. it is good thing traditional… Ryt ….where else we do this except Isha …we say hi hello …shake hands…..he made this all available as science to us …yoga is super science ryt?
    we don’t have 10 births to practices to get enlighten .. this course is enough to live conciously…may be we won’t get enlighten but we will living better than most of the people ..we saying this not we blindly follow him but we experience this…we feel more alive and we release ” feel great ” chemical more in our system …and to Damm with ur enlighten ..sir …lets live and let live ….


  16. Dear! i have been a ardent lover of OSHO, he was a gem of the past “intellectually” , he spoke on all issues possible because it was very much needed for the world to know what spirituality actually is, but a Guru is Guru people come for words but words are not the place where a guru wants his disciple to settle, he uses words so that at some point being with the master the seeker might experience the presence itself which is utterly beyond words.OSHO was everything for me even now, but what i noticed was large no. of his folowers hunt for his words that burning to experience him. He was succesful in a very big way but things stay in order only when the master is there. Later people lose the guidance of a live guru. OSHO himself emphasized on searchng for a live guru when he leaves.

    In 2012 I came in contact with Sadhguru in a very weird way, a time when i didnt know he was a guru sort of person at all, never saw him in person but a strong pull i felt seeing him, just by seeing his picture i had deep experiecnces, never had such kind. That was sudden change in my life, a certain longing started within me to know something which i wasn’t able to articulate. I started watching his videos, rather i was watching him than caring his words, being an Osho fan found he was using his words but the experience i was having is something a normal imitator can’t transmit,only a master after 6- 7 months from my knowing him i did my Isha yoga program, it was a just a normal program for me, unlike others i had no exprience as such but i just hung on the practices he offered, they worked well for me any way thats not my point. The experience which i had seeing osho and sadhguru both are same, it will be the same for all ,the innner being is same. I was bit distracted with the similar usage of words used by sadhguru of osho but what he is or osho is not words at all, they both used words accordingly for people to come near them. Later when i visited ashram, it is a totally different place unlike osho pune ashram, Sadhguru i felt is from a different tradition,osho is from differnet one, When osho was there people criticised him for all weird things , i would have criticised , who knows! Now Sadhguru is critcised in a different way. Both Sadhguru and Osho gathered information to use from the books they read, in that way both copied, but what is original which i have felt from them is their strong presence (i dont know about others). I didnot feel it is misleading cause they both used words to direct us to the same thing.

    For a seeker it is more important to not get deviated,words deviate us from silence which they both ARE offering(OSHO is still alive for me). thank you. 🙂


    1. I am not a seeker anymore, you can check my bio..

      Can you tell me what spiritual practice are you doing now, what difference you feel between how you were in 2012 and how you are now? Also, answer this question in your own words based on your understanding this moment: what is spiritual enlightenment and why you are searching for it?

      I would have said the same thing that you said, few years ago. A lot of Sadhguru’s followers/disciples were Osho’s followers before. Osho insisted the presence of a living enlightened person and I know that he gave a lot of importance to that. It is because of such an importance he gave, people immediately get convinced once they see Sadhguru. Because, they already develop a deep desire to meet someone who is enlightened and living now. In the long term, they will develop attachment and emotional association with Sadhguru which will make them difficult to accept what I am saying. I know that because I have been through the same road. But much of this ‘feeling the presence’ has actually got to do with certain associations that your mind develops.. You can look up ‘classical conditioning’ for more info..

      And since you mentioned seeing his’picture’ without knowing who he was, let me mention that I also made up my mind to go to a satsang, just after seeing his picture in the wallpost on a road.. Of course, when you see a man with a beard, it can trigger a lot of responses in you when you are already a seeker. If you meditate everyday after seeing a brinjal for 2 years or if you just meditate on a brinjal regularly, seeing a brinjal can trigger a meditative quality or sometimes even a spiritual experience in you. This is exactly what is termed as ‘classical conditioning’. I was fortunate to study psychology from authentic textbooks and I was able to make sense of many things about human mind after that. (now, don’t quote what Osho said about psychologists. 🙂 To know why, just read this post once again and see what I have said about his comments on Psychology..Cognitive revolution gained its importance only during 1970s and it gained more awareness probably during the last years of Osho.. Osho’s comments were mainly about early psychologists)

      But people who already know Osho and read many books of Osho may not notice what I am saying, simply because they already have a clarity after reading Osho and they cannot distinctly see what kind of clarity they have got from Sadhguru alone.

      If you read the Osho’s talks that he gave during the final years, you will notice a big difference. In one of the talks he also said that he has talked in a different way during early days simply because people were not open. So, sometimes he ended up saying things that he never wanted to say. And he always said that what he talks is nonsense but only purpose of his talks was making us meditative. And he was aware of all kinds of games a human mind can play; He was also aware of how to talk to people to make them open up. He even lied during many circumstances just to make his point. What he did is quite understandable and I can also see the impact it made…

      If you are looking for some clarity in your life, then Sadhguru may be helpful. But if you are looking for spiritual enlightenment, if you are an earnest seeker, then I have to tell you that many of what he says is misleading. That is all I can say…

      Instead, I would recommend the practices Osho recommended.. There was one thing that he always insisted throughout his life, with no contradiction and deviation. It is witnessing. It is much more powerful than anything you do. I was so fortunate to have did that for many years. In spite of being distracted by many things Sadhguru was saying, I was fortunate to never let go of witnessing. And I could recognize those distractions only a few years after my seeking ended.

      If you read this post and also read the links I have given in this post, you may understand:


      1. I know what you are trying to say, i agree on point where fellow follwers get attached to him and get offended whatever one speaks slightly against him, i know that feel.. haha..because i am bit straight foward with others when they try to project him as god or something, I dont buy that. I just do my shambhavi daily, thats it , there is no need in me to take on further practices either or as every one here wants i.e samyama, Im wonderful because the time when i learnt the practice i was more saturated with own experiences( which i have been having since few months all that ecstasy,raptures,kundalini etc same thing different names, so that i didnt bother to focus on the benifits of the practice, slowly finishing mandala i started noticng my life becoming haywire to be true, but i found a deep stillness within through which i could sustain, not just sustained but i flourished, it was wonderful period from 2012-2014 my degree time, the depth i realised which shambhavi helped to show me is something i cannot say, no exxageration. All the ecstasy stuff i dont care.

        And coming to presence, for different people according to their state of mind they will be open to expereince , yet it is related to mind. how will any one other than person expereincing conclude that is beyond mind, mind is involved very much, it is like, clearing the sky, suddenly the presence that one feels is their own Sun not that sadhguru or osho created the experience, they just make one bit hot so that clouds of mind evaporate by themself, and the being one is will just be. One need not to do the practices either , i wasnt interested for me seeing Sadhguru’s or Osho’s picture was enoughin the beginning, just to get involved inthe activites i joined the program but got a bumper offer lol.. Osho or sadhguru what ever they SAY will bring the mind to rest a bit but the job of experience should be done by you, i never felt mislead by him, i never cared his words ,it is utterly foolish to , many here(isha followers) dont accept to what i fine with him:).
        Coming to Witnessing, one being conscious gradually leads one to witnessing, if one practices properly.See ma, different guru’s have different paths, sadhguru’s is that of yogic one, osho was of buddha’s, even though both dont say it, it can be seen . all paths lead to the same One. I dont like to talk on witnessing because it is not just a thingfor me, in a way it is my whole experience ,to be more clear it is me. For me all little things taught me profound aspects of life in a weird way.
        Enlightenment is not something to acheive,the path is clear for me. I dont know why i entered this path or found a Guru. Just an argument with an atheist when i was drunk somewhere far from his place gave a chance for the Mischevous one to burn me just like that..who knows. I am Here. Alive. That’s it.

        Due to my deeds or karma as all say, i dont know, i stumbled upon a pebble, fell into the Ocean. Have a nice time. 🙂


  17. Many enlighten people are there …hidden …they probably no good except there own blissfulness and stuff …if someone not enlighten but doing what is needed will count ..mazza aana chahiye …or mazaa AA RHA Hai …bss dimaag nahi lga RHA me …tum mza lo iska …Kya Isha.. Kya Osho …sb faltu bate Hai bhaisaab 😉


  18. I wanted say to few people like Kabir and others who wants to bully other in favor of ‘Sadguru’…
    I am not writing lover like Dear Shunmugam, I have difficulty for sitting and writing…but it’s a little fun…

    1. The single most prominent property of the ‘Sadguru’ followers is that ,They don’t like to take ‘THEIR OWN RESPONSIBILITY’ !.

    2. They always want to put their OWN responsibility on some ‘BIG’ spiritual ‘GURUs’ like ‘Sadguru’. And ‘Sadguru’ always promises to take care of his devotees. (Which a real fun in spiritual realm…!)

    3. They are always fan of ‘Rich Entertainment Shows’. Surely they can’t recognize & respect a silly looking spiritual Master. This is a real handicapped behavior in the spiritual seeking.

    4. So, what’s WRONG if ‘Sadguru’ copies / teaches from Osho or from any where else, As long as it’s working …??? The answer is the foundation of spiritual seeking / process is … ‘TRUTH’. It’s iust like this…if you have no sense of TRUTH you are simply wasting time in the spiritual path.

    Spiritual path is not about the utility and carrying things in brilliantly with supper efficiency like ‘Sadguru’. Because if he is good at things, that will benefit him his life in his own way… Like our super hero actors and other celebrities have. They DON’T ENRICH YOUR LIFE IN ANY WAY. So sitting and enjoying the ‘Shows’ essentially amounts to “Michal Jackson’s Fans” as Mr. Shunmugam said. What’s wrong in Michel Jackson’s Fan’s…Nothing. Just “Michal Jackson’ stays like Michal Jackson and fans stay like fans.

    But here in Isha Foundation… after watching ‘Michal Jackson’s shows for a long…long…long…time the ‘Fans’ finally become ….the “Michal Jackson….!”. I have really difficulty in understanding this, that’s where I felt THE WRONG.

    ‘Sadguru’ packs OLD indian traditional stuff in NEW Packets…Like some great temples…spiritual things like ‘Bhiravi Yantra’ to keep in your home / office to bring luck and prosperity!
    You can find many of these tricks at Isha. People who don’t want to take their responsibility are the BIG fan of these….In the realm of spiritual like… this is the lowest kind.

    We have simplest teaching similar to that like…’do Shiva Pooja with pure heart’, but doing things with pure heart is arduously difficult if not difficult. To say difficult is even wrong because if have it you got it or just you don’t have it. But ‘Sadguru’ promises to give you ‘pure heart’ just by buying his toys.

    So again what’s wrong…?
    Brother, these kind of the promises/ things that brought once the ‘Glorious India’ to the present state of ‘Famous’ state. This again started in a new fashion.

    In essence, “you don’t need to any thing except paying me and tacking this to your home”…This is a modern spiritual way of ‘Take Away Counter For Spiritual Well-being…”. For me this is nothing but a …’Chicken / Muttuon Birayani Take Away Counter’. You can you see the same people who stand there are now standing at Isah’s ‘Well-being Take Away Counter’, they want some ready made food… and ‘Sadguru’ has great arsenal of Yoga weapons… to cater you! All that you need is to sit and enjoy the show. Sadguru also really want’s to do it like that…!

    5. Your ‘workings’ or ‘non workings’ way of looking at the things don’t work after a little while…soon everyone gets bored of these things. ‘Sadguru’ keeps the entertainment alive for you people. But once the entertainment is gone you will be even in deeper mess than you are now. So that is certainly ‘WRONG’.

    6. ‘Osho’ said that who ever copying his teachings / content are unknowingly putting fire into their teachings…everything non essential burns, only the Truth remains. That means, if you copy his teachings, how ever articulate / intelligent you are, your teachings will burn to ashes only his teaching stand to test of fire. So this blog catches that fire… already!

    why “Osho’ said like that , Does that mean ‘Osho’ is the only truthful person on this earth…NO I don’t think so…’Osho’ is THE TRUTH…
    So what ?… How does this apply to content copying problem…?
    Because TRUTH don’t need to copy the TRUTH! Only lies have to take the colour & shape of the truth. So if you put lie and truth together …simply false burns and truth remains. That’s what Osho said. I think this is what’s happening here…

    I would like to share one of the things which comes to my mind about wholeness point of view of the ‘Osho’.

    It’ s said by Osho… Once, one of the richest person’s of the India came to ‘Osho’ and given a blank cheque, and asked ‘Osho’ that he has to say that the Hindu’s Holy Mother ‘COW’ should not be killed and eaten.
    Then, Osho asked that person…Is ‘COW’ your mother? the person said ‘ YES’…then ‘Osho’ asked what about your father..? Can he be killed..? The person said what nonsense are you talking…?
    Then ‘Osho’ said, I mean the ‘BULL’, if cow is your mother then ‘BULL’ must be your father…? What about him, the ‘BULL’?

    Even though, the ‘Osho’ appears to be making a BIG JOKE here, he has a deeper sens of ‘Seeing the things as they are’ The TRUTH… He is certainly (I say ) a far Deeper Master than ‘Sadguru’. ‘Sadguru’ is simply a good boy teacher. When people asked ‘Sadguru’ about COW killing… he said that India should ban ‘Beef Exporting’.

    I hope the above statements of both explains the difference.

    ‘Osho’ is a real skin peeling reality and Infinite Ocean of love both at the same time. That’s why it is very difficult be with ‘Osho’…you have to go though literally ‘death’ in order to be ‘born as buddha’. Everything else is a child’s play. There is nothing WRONG in child’s play. Just remember that when you are ready there is also another path … that is …’OSHO’.

    And Finally,

    Patanjali is considered the father of the ‘Yoga’. In his ‘Commentaries on Patanjali YOGA Sutras’, ‘Osho’ gave extensive explanation of Patanjali’s first yoga principle…. “NOW” – YOGA …!.

    Once you are ready… then ONLY STARTS….YOGA . And that ‘NOW’ is now where near the ‘Entertainment Lovers of the Isha Foundation Yogi’s …”

    You people will miss in the very first step…you choose the yoga for very wrong reasons. And soon that drives you away…! Until then have fun…Nothing IS WRONG in that.

    Good Luck for ‘Sadguru Bullers’…you are actually Bulling Yourself.

    Dear Shunmugam,
    You said that you like writing and doing this for fun. And I really appreciate that you love what you do. I haven’t seen your reply for long time. (hint: you may try auto notification kind of thing for your blog when answer / reply happens the people get e-mail notification without checking your blog page).

    Oh, writing is really hard thing…I am with you as long as your with the TRUTH.
    You are doing good.



    1. Thank you Anand.. I saw the comments but I have already said everything that needs to be said. 🙂 So, there is nothing more to say. You have also worded it quite well. If they still can’t see the point, then nothing else to do :).. And, if somebody asks a new question, that is different. But the same old things are being repeated here..

      If somebody comments here for the first time, the best thing I can do is to ask them to read all the previous comments..


  19. I am a random person from México and I find your post amazing. I think everyone experience this human experience in our own singularity. Again, I do feel Osho is the true master, and I feel Sadhguru is repeating his words, which in the end for me is beautiful, like you say. Osho started the revolution, who cares who continues it. I for myself live to find answers in my own way, 112 or 114 I don’t really care. What I care is to live this beautiful human experience. I also feel not crediting Osho for his work is kind of fucked up. But then again, for me Osho was the master of incongruence, which is hilarious! For me. And I found redundancy to be the key for my own intelligence. I can relate to both. And I love them both, like I love you for defending Oshos voice. And I thank you deeply for all your research, readings and blog about this. Thank you man, send you a lot of love and healing vibes!!! Thank you blessed master!


  20. Thank you for this post. We can clearly see that Sadhguru have quoted many times Osho in his blogs and videos. However i dont think that’s a reason to make any conclusion about sadhguru work and knowledge. let me explain.

    You must differentiate between the language he is using to make you understand spirituality in simple words and the actual spiritual technology he is delivering. If sadhguru received the yoga science (and technology?) from his past life, it does not mean he has the tools and skills to deliver it to the whole world like he is doing today, he had to learn how to do it somewhere. There is no doubt that he made use of Osho and other people’s marketing success (which include copying stories, way of interpretation and methodology), but these are just communication lugaage that he is using to reach and make sens to the public.

    Nevertheless this post has made me discover Osho and i will read more of his books for sure. Thank you for the post.


    1. Amine.. Please go through the comments here as well as the links I have given to understand my point…

      As far as I am concerned, I can understand directly that he is misleading spiritual seekers (about spiritual enlightenment) and his enlightenment doesn’t seem to be genuine.. I have to use all these arguments only for others to understand. And this is not the only post I have written about him. I have covered many things in my other posts..

      Also go through this link where I have summarized many things:

      If you are sincerely seeking liberation, then I would suggest ‘witnessing meditation’ by Osho and also Ramana Maharshi’s talks…


  21. Thank you Shanmugam, I will defenitly check your suggestions. I don’t know what liberation is, all i am seeking now is truth. You remided that i shoudnt have belived somethings blindly so I thank you for that. However if I remain in doubt, i am not making any conclusions, i will continue practicing isha methodes with 100% involvment to see if they work for me (and hoping they are not harmfull for me) while exploring other possibilities.
    Happy new year!


    1. You are welcome… The programs themselves are not harmful in anyway and will certainly be helpful for mental and physical health.. My criticism is only about the content of his talks.. Good luck 🙂


  22. Hi Shanmugam,
    thanks for your work in details.
    I came across sadhguru via YouTube and wasn’t impressed at first, cause he was looking like the Trademark Dream-Guru, that I thought I keep distance. Nearly the same happened with Osho. I heard about the prison-thing of 1985 and recently watched the documentary “Guru” which was at terms not really pro Osho or Bhagwan.
    But then I liked the clips of Sadhguru on YouTube and got his book “inner Engineering”. A great book for me. I also started doing the simple Isha Kriya practice daily. I did that a few months but I also noticed that my mind still tries to get away from that. My mind seemed to do the spiritual practise and at the same time I was thinking about normal daily things. Then I thought of doing the sadhguru-online-program, but it is not avaible in german (I am from Germany) and I wasn’t sure if I can get everything in english just by listening. Reading is much easier of course. I wrote three emails over the last half year and never got a response from Isha, which left me a bit disappointed.
    I was just waiting for this online-program with german subtitles.

    In the meantime I began reading Osho’s books. There I found the point that the mind (like my own mind) can do two things together which is not what meditation is about. A trap of the mind. I also noticed that Osho talks about others like Krishnamurti, Ramana, Maharishi Mahesh… etc. while Sadhguru don’t say anything not even about Osho. That’s how I found this blog. I just wanted to know, if Sadhguru ever talked about Osho.

    So, thanks again for your impressice research.



    1. Thank you for your comments… It is always good to have skepticism and open-mindedness.. And since you have been reading Osho again, I would suggest the witnessing meditation by Osho. You might have already come across his talks on witnessing meditation. It is extremely powerful and will certainly help you


      1. Thank you. Now I am in his commentary on the Tantra Sutras by Shiva. Great book to read. I am still in the first quarter of this big book. lol

        But I will read about this witnessing Meditation. Maybe I know it by words already: Focusing on the third I and just witnessing the thought that are coming?


  23. namaste…i want to say one thing….when i read some osho books first time( in 2009) i clearly understood that this man can not be an “Enlightened” person but one thing is sure that he was a great philosopher…only (maybe he had some experiences also)………later when i listened his views on lord Ram and some other audios, my understanding about him is confirmed but one thing which i did not know is also added that when he crosses his limit (trying to become “that” which you are actually not) he becomes a “Mahamurkh”……… opinion is confirmed when i listened an interview of a great Indian enlightened saint (still living)…i was smiling while listening ….revered saint said that he met osho 2 or 3 times (i do not remember)…once he directly asked him “why do you try show yourself as Buddha” ( तुम बुद्ध होने का नाटक क्यों करते हो ) ….he said that osho had no answer of that question…..this saint also said that osho had a great potential to become enlightened but he could not……


  24. मुझे जो कहना था मैंने कह दिया ….अब शब्दों के हेर फेर में मै नहीं पडूंगा … ये तो ओशो जी को ही मुबारक हो …क्योंकि इसमें जो पड़ेगा वही भटकेगा …आप ये भी कह सकते हैं की मुझे पता नहीं… जैसा की आपके प्रश्न से ही स्पष्ट होता है…


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