I am a blogger and I was a spiritual seeker. I had a tremendous awakening experience in July 12, 2014 on a Gurupurnima day in the presence of Sadhguru but I wouldn’t call that as spiritual enlightenment.

I have a reason for it. When I use the word ‘enlightenment’, it only points to a concept you have about enlightenment in your mind. But what happened to me blew my mind and it was nowhere related to whatever I thought about enlightenment.

The words like ecstasy, bliss or peace are not the right words to describe the reality that I am living in right now. Thats why Lao Tzu said ‘The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao’.. The more complicated theories are used to describe the absolute reality, the less they sound like the experience of it. My seeking completely ended in 2014. There was nothing to seek anything any longer.

But remember, I don’t like to say that I am enlightened. I usually avoid that word. Because what happened to me can’t fit with thousands of definitions which are available for enlightenment and thousands of concepts that people have about it.

But this much is true: I feel complete, satisfied and one with existence without any duality, without a sense of an ‘other’. There is no feeling of an independent existence; I feel limitless with absolutely no conflict and my life flows like a river. I still retain imperfections, my genetic traits and I am completely fallible. This way of living is quite ordinary and simpler than how enlightenment is usually described. There is an innocence of child in my experience of consciousness.

When anyone asks me about it, I usually just describe what happened to me instead of associating it with a word. And Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev’s many comments on enlightenment sound quite foreign to my reality. The way I perceive the reality agrees with what Osho said (after weeding out the contradictory statements and mainly based on what he spoke in his final years) . It perfectly agrees with the core of Vedanta and Buddhism.

You can read my story here: The Journey of a Seeker – My Story

I am a fan of Osho and Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. I have attended Shambhavi mahamudra and Bhava Spandana program. But I don’t agree with everything that Sadhguru or Osho say. I realized that a human being is always fallible, whether enlightened or not.

I am interested in Psychology and I have been studying it as a hobby. I think there is a possibility to bridge Science and Spirituality. I have written about it in detail here: Is There a Scientific Evidence for Spiritual Enlightenment?

I write poems in English and Tamil.

The following part is the older version of ‘About’, which I wrote as an introduction to this blog when I first started it in January 2014:

Hi, I am Shanmugam. Welcome to my own personal blog, my very own personal space on the internet.

I have tried maintaining several blogs and websites in the past but was not able to be consistent in posting and updating, even though I have the basic knowledge about blogging, SEO, web development and more.. I learnt Php and MySQL a few years before with the help of some training videos from Lynda.com. I even created an inventory application in PHP and made that to run in a Windows XP machine where I had Apache web server, MySQL and PHP installed. OK!! That’s too much of technical stuff, and some of you might have decided to close this and go back but wait!!

I just wanted to say that in spite of this basic knowledge and a lot of time I had in the past to manage a successful website online and to even earn money from it, I had to drop my little projects in the middle due to bad economy.. All those times I was trying all the premium stuffs like my own domain name, shared hosting and more (was even earning some money with Google AdSense)… And every time I failed to pay my credit card bills for more than the allowed time, I ended up getting these services suspended because they couldn’t withdraw my monthly fee. I am tired of all that and have decided to go with the free services.

I like writing. It is my passion. From my school days, I have tried to write short stories, essays and a lot of poetry too. I enjoy creative writing more than writing about anything else. I have tried to write for money, and have even earned some money but at one point it went too commercial.. Because, every time I decided to write an article, I started to first look for the keywords to target, expected daily views and the possible money I could earn in the long run.

But, having an independent personal blog and writing in it for the pure joy of writing is more satisfying thing to do. I can share my views about anything, publish my poetry and upload the pictures I took with my own little personal camera when I go for trekking or an excursion. More importantly, I become known to more people and it is a sure fire way to become popular. I can write about something interesting, about my friends and personal life, my achievements, what I learnt from my mistakes and failures, my views towards religion and self-realization and more. I can even make it look like an elaborate online resume of mine or a record of my works.

I already created a recent blog about my trekking and travelling experiences in Nilgiri hills. It is at http://nilgirisphotography.wordpress.com. I haven’t updated it in a while but I am looking forward to my next trip so that I can create a new post there soon.

My first language is Tamil, one of the oldest languages still spoken by millions of people in India, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Malaysia. I love Tamil literature and enjoyed the classical Tamil works right from the school days. I have written a lot of poetry in Tamil. Some of them are in modern style and some of them are in classical style like Venba, Aasiriyappa, Aruseer virutham, Enseer virutham etc.. (These are similar to the metres in English like Iambic Pentameter and Sonnets. I have written some sonnets and a couple of poems in Iambic Pentameter in English too. I will talk more about them in my later posts). Most of those are just in papers and I have never tried to publish them online or as books. Before It gets too late, I want to make sure that all those poems are somewhere on the internet for ever so that anybody who likes to read poetry may stumble upon it at anytime while surfing casually on the internet. Now that I have started this blog, I realise that it is going to be more easier because I can use this very blog to post those poems too. So, this blog is going to be bilingual as I will occasionally write some posts in Tamil and post them as well.

On top of all this, I will make sure that this blog is interesting enough to the readers by sharing other funny or useful things that I come across including jokes, pictures and more…

Okay, that was just a little background and introduction to this blog. If you have finished reading this far, then thank you for showing serious interest in what I have to say! Hope you will support this blog by reading and commenting, which will be a good motivation for me to post continuously and maintain this blog well.


20 thoughts on “About”

  1. Mr. Shanmugam – Your posts in Quora on Sadguru vs Osho comparisons have successfully digressed my mind from the AWS Solutions Architect exam I’m preparing for 🙂
    Great analysis! After reading your posts I think the best thing to know the truth, is to seek the truth and find it out yourself than believing everything that comes your way.
    I think the purpose of human life is to constantly seek the truth ..and I think the journey ends when you find that absolute truth!


  2. Hi Shanmugam, I liked your clarity in your posts on quora. I spend a lot of time thinking and reading about connection between science and enlightenment. Wanted to connect with you sometime and ask questions. Please let me know your email. Mine is ashwinshankar77@gmail.com.



  3. HI Shanmugam. I really appreciate your experience and science based approach on self realization. i am also walking on my own path. would love to connect with you. Kindly advise on your email or fb?

    Thanks a lot


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  4. Hi
    I came across your blog a while back. And I must say that its very comprehensively researched. Although I am yet to go through much of the posts, I want to take the liberty of asking you two very specific things here
    1) I read about your journey as a seeker. And especially that phase of your life around and before 2004 when you were going through a lot of discomfort/suffering perhaps. Without wanting to reveal too much as of now, I have been going through this almost similar phase for the last 2 years at least. There has been a lot of mental trauma, unending questions, restlessness and all those things. I have been reading about spirituality but nothing concrete stuff. At this phase, which book would you suggest that could be beneficial for someone new on this path of spirituality which I intend to take. Something which could makes me less restless about my questions regarding spirituality/meditation/enlightenment. It could be any book- Be it Osho’s /Buddhist/Western Author. Are the books listed on your blog good for beginners? Is there any particular Osho book you recommend?
    2) Secondly, in your experience, can Astrology help in spiritual growth. I have read some amazing insights about myself in Astrology some time back regarding my self-destructive patterns and my need to tread a disciplined spiritual path. What has been your experience regarding Astrology being a tool to help you progress, if any? I know for sure that Osho has been positive about the potential benefit of Astrology in one of his posts. Although most other spiritual masters have more often than not negated it, from what I know.
    Thanks a lot
    I will try to stay connected with you in future too.


    1. Thank you for your comment.. Just go to this page: https://nellaishanmugam.wordpress.com/recommended-books/recommended-books-spiritual-only/ , if you scroll down to the bottom, you can find two books of Osho, which are the ones that I would recommend.. Both of them are good and will be very useful at this stage for you…

      I am not sure why you think astrology will be helpful for spiritual growth.. What insights did you get from astrology? I haven’t found astrology to be useful for my spiritual journey at anytime.. 🙂


      1. Thank you !!!

        One of our friend formed a WhatsApp group, there many of us are learning about non duality and practice it.
        Even some realizedpersons are in group.
        One of our friend sent an email to you year ago and he said no reply from you.!!!

        he told that today, when I forwarded your blog link and quora link to group.

        It will be blessing for many of us, if you guide some of us with your knowledge and experience.


        1. Good to know… I don’t use Whatsapp or even the phone too much. Most of the time, I spend my time writing stuff in my work PC. Once I get up from the PC, I get caught up with daily chores and unfortunately I am not even able to respond to all the emails and messages I receive.

          But if you have any questions on anything, you can use the contact form to message me. I will reply as much as possible. If your question is regarding any of the blog posts, you can also comment there with any question you have.


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