Linga Bhairavi Gudi – A mini temple in my home

Update (15/12 /2017) : 

This is an old post. I don’t endorse or recommend to buy linga bhairavi gudi or Dhyanalinga yantra anymore… All you can get is a devotional feel when you have it at home but you can get the same feel even with a stone idol. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to waste their money on this (When I bought it, lingabhairavi gudi was Rs.23,000 and Dhyanalinga yantra was about Rs.11,000). There is no special energy or power that you can feel with it; if you think you do, it is just a placebo. Read this post for more info:




I got my Linga Bhairavi gudi in February 2016 from Isha Yoga Center. Ever since I got it, she is decorating my house with her wonderful presence. I dont feel like I have just an Idol. It feels like I am inside a temple, when I light lamps for her and sit in her presence.

I came to know about Isha during a satsang in Marina Beach in 2004. I completed the basic Isha Yoga program with Shambhavi Mahamudra practice and Bhava Spandana 12 years ago. I lived in Coimbatore for three years and have gone to the ashram about 30-40 times. To take a dip in theerthakund and to get immersed in the powerful presence of Dhyanalinga and Linga Bhairavi is a wonderful experience. I also climbed up the Velliangiri hills once. Here is my complete story: The Journey of a Seeker – My Story

But after getting Dhayanalinga yantra and Linga Bhairavi gudi, the same powerful presence filled my home. Having the yantra and gudi is like having two antennas to grasp and repeat the signals of the divine inside my home. It is like a range extender if I compare Isha to wifi.

Wait! I have a video to show you. Feel free to post your comments:


Author: Shanmugam

I am a blogger and I was a spiritual seeker. I had a tremendous awakening experience in July 12, 2014 on a Gurupurnima day in the presence of Sadhguru but I wouldn’t call that as spiritual enlightenment. But it did free me from many things and changed many things.

8 thoughts on “Linga Bhairavi Gudi – A mini temple in my home”

  1. Is there not any confusion between the two masters: Dhyanalinga Yantra and Gudi; possibly even third master as Sadhguru??Dont they say one must follow only one master??


  2. My common sense says we should have only one, either the Gudi or the Yantra and not both in the house.And if you have done Inner Engineering and are practising it regularly my guess and its only a guess is that Sadhguru is ur guru whether u know it or not as SG seems to control/manipulate ur Karma as well as Pranic Energy in the body to propel u towards Release.


    1. I have no idea about all that… When I got the gudi from the ashram, I told them that I also have the yantra, they didn’t say anything. And there is not much information about gudi or yantra online… Why do you think Sadhguru manipulates or control my karma?


  3. Hi,

    i have a linga bhairavi gudi at home & while cleaning the pooja room, accidentally the gudi opened & the linga fell & broke a little. Where do you get another longa bhairavi idol?

    Also how much had you paid for the gudi u have? i have a similar one at home



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